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Who is this crazy guy? My name is Bob. Many exciting things have happened to me over the years and I am anxious to share them with you. The webpages of this site contain a mryiad of interesting , informative, and challenging topics. If you want to get to know God, here's the place. I was just thinking the other day how God has said all things work together for good to those that love Him, so can anything bad really happen to a Christian? When all is said and done, no. Every experience is orchestrated by Him for our good. In understanding, the fear is taken away and we can live fruitful and
exciting lives. Sooner or later, the most just and righteous Sheriff that ever was is going to come back and what will you be found doing? Shouldn't all our efforts be put into getting to know this Jesus who gave His life a ransom for all those that would believe, or do we want to continue gathering as much stuff as we can until that fateful day? It  is certain that we cannot take any thing, including fame and fortune, with us so let's learn how to be the pilgrims God says we are. What could be more exciting than walking alongside the Creator of the universe. When you see the light, everything will pale into insignificance. My prayer is that you will be inspired by what you find contained in this website, and have a desire to find the real truth concerning God. Most churches today are concerned with worldly things and their own survival, so they are not really geared to helping people grow in the faith. Vested interests keep them in a little box, some being bigger than others. If you really want God, you must be prepared to give up everything, whether physical, mental, relational, or emotional, including false desires and crutches. God has a plan for your life and mine which will bring glory to Him and peace to us. It seems that before we can have somrthing, we must be willing to live without it, and then we can have it. Praise God. Thanks.
Born the son of a Canadian soldier and farmer, Bob has come a long way from his praire roots. Wanting to believe in God as a young man, but unable to do so, God has richly rewarded this praire underdog during his painful journey on this unforgiving planet. Once an unbeliever but now without doubt, Bob was blessed by Jesus to the max, personally revealing Himself to Bob. Now Bob wants to share with you, his adventure and understanding that God has given him.             God willing!