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In the Fog of Anger . . Some Interesting Short Stories . . Missing any Gauges on Your Dash?

God holds all the Cards!

A seldom thought of fact: Adam was created with a never ending life. It was not in God's plan to have death enter into His newly created Empire, or was it? It was Adam's choice to disobey that brought on his inevitable death. After all, he chose to eat of the forbidden fruit instead of the tree of life. Thus the control of man's destiny switched to Satan, or so he thought. But God had a better Plan.

God's nature is one of Love and never ending Forgiveness, as long as one asks for it. He had a plan of redemption which could only be executed by the forfeiture of a perfect life for a contaminated one, a card no one but God has in His hand. Man's nature is to get all he can for himself, selflessness is in God's hand. Even if man for some reason(ultimately personal gain) could sacrifice his life for another, it would be a tainted one, and thus unacceptable. Man's righteousness is as filthy rags. Jesus had to come or we would be locked into a never ending story of death and destruction. But by God's Grace we can look forward to redemption in the next world and live godly lives here in thankfulness for His sacrificial act on the Cross. It is not in man to be godly outside of the regenerate act of accepting Christ as your saviour. And this brings us to another seldom thought of fact: Jesus would have lived forever in his earthly body had not he laid it down at the Cross.

Psalm 18 King James Version (KJV)

1: I will love thee, O Lord, my strength.

2: The Lord is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower.

3: I will call upon the Lord, who is worthy to be praised: so shall I be saved from mine enemies.

The Tower

What were they thinking when the people after the flood began constructing the Tower of Babylon. As far as I know, the original Tower does not exist anymore, destroyed ultimately by God. Building it was in direct opposition to God's will that the people after the flood were to spread out over the entire earth. My belief is that all the towers ever built by man were to demonstrate their superiority to others, and establish control over their activities. Reaching heaven or replacing heaven is the question.

Okay, how does this apply to our lives. A very smart man once said that all efforts to make a name for ourselves resembles building a tower for others to see and worship. You know, "I'm the king of the Castle and you're the dirty rascal". Just check the world around us, everyone trying to build their own personal tower, while others are tearing at yours to help them build theirs. However, whatever we build, God will always be one step above(actually, infinitely). What we are actually doing is digging a hole for ourselves, sometimes impossible to get out of. What we should be doing instead is allowing God to bring us closer to Him, actually climbing His Tower. Every level of achievement to this end is always accompanied by a destruction of a level we have constructed in the basement. When we give up our sins, as God reveals them to us, it brings us closer to Him. And believe me, they can be ever so subtle. One day we, as believers, will be in the presence of God, but in the meantime, a closer relationship will dispel the fear, anxiety and depression brought on by ascribing to this world's appetites. So whatever stage your tower is in, submit it to God and He will get you on the right track. Stop digging and get to being lifted up.

My Tower

Before I was a Christian, my whole life was wrapped up in motorcycles, especially, off road riding. As a matter of fact, we moved to Kamloops, British Columbia for that very reason, to be able to ride off road. I didn't particularly like working on them for a living anymore, but the only job I could get was as a mechanic in a Honda Shop. I soon got totally engrossed into putting on Off Road Races, the main one in the Chewels Mountain area, having an Annual race there from 77 to 83, totally giving up street riding until 1985. Becoming a Christian brought me to the point of selling my last dirt bike(a Suzuki PE250 for a generator) in 1984. But during my hay day, my only thought was to make this Race a household name, with it being remembered as the toughest one out there. Many of the trails are still ridden today. At the time, I hated giving it up, but I knew that was God's will. He had better fish for me to fry.

I've attempted to build many others in my life. The following is a short list: Being known as the best drag racer on a bike in the "Hat", being the best motorcycle mechanic, having the best motorcycle shop, being the smartest kid in school, having the most endurance on a motorcycle in the "Hat"(went 1038 miles in 18.5 hours on a 450 Honda in 1969), and maybe being the closest to God than anyone I have known. It never ends as long as we are in these sinful bodies, Selah.

News Flash Over Ride. Stop the Countdown!!! Just to get one thing straight, the devil is not in charge. The Bible says to fear God and keep His Commandments. Case in point: God allows the devil to tempt us with worldly things(lusts) to create a substitute for the desire of a relationship with Him. This leaves a vacuum in our hearts as the substitute does not satisfy the real need for a close walk with our Creator. It is God who has mercy and allows some to cry out to Him and consequently, answer the call with the True Object of Worship, Jehovah God, Jesus in the Flesh. God knows our need for the things of the flesh, but they must not replace Him, only do the job they were designed for, ie, food for the belly, a car to get to work so we can buy the food, land to live on to park the car and our butts on, etc. etc. When these natural things become the object of our desires, that's when the shift comes from necessity to lust. We think, if I only had such and such, I would be set and satisfied. In reality the castle we are building(our life efforts and accomplishments on which we base our worth) is on a base(foundation) of sand. The only base that will hold is the Love of Jesus. All else is sinking sand and sooner or later, kaboom, down comes the Tower. This twisting of the natural need for the physical is what fuels the madness around us. Bigger, better, best. Money, power, possessions, knowledge, advantage all end at the grave. Only the things of God go through that porthole, Amen. Treasure in heaven. To get on a personal level, I have always had the lust for land. If only I had a huge chunk of property, I would be set for life. My security blanket. Flash Over Ride from God: I own all the land in the Universe. You are my son. I have set overseers on the land but in reality, all my sons and daughters are by proxy, the owners. Aaaaah, no need to go out and acquire. Thanks for that tidbit. Amen.

Some Modern, Reach to the Clouds Scrapers . Jeddah . Dubai . Suzhou . Jakarta . Shanghai . Mecca . Tianjin . Taipei . Shanghai . Hong Kong & the Predecessor, the Tower of Babel

Pearl of Thought

How many times does God have to say something before He means it? Once? AKA: Jeremiah 31:3 King James Version;

"The Lord hath appeared of old unto me, saying, Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love: therefore with lovingkindness have I drawn thee".

Some Interesting Short Stories

The Day of Atonement: It's the day after arriving at our place on the Island. Having brought the Wife's car, i wish to wash the dead bugs off, but first, muzt take the dogs for a walk. I hooked them up to their leashes and made the mistake of admiring one(a cheap dollar store acquirement of a few years ago)in it's simplicity with a light built in, but somewhat bulky. You guessed it. A little incident occurred whereby i dropped the blessed thing onto the hard pavement(broke the lens and scratched the casing). In Elwood's desperate attempt to evade the pursuer, he made several frantic circles, the terrorizing leash handle in hot pursuit. This put somewhat of a damper on my gay spirits, but at least I didn't extract revenge on it for doing so, something I probably would have done years ago.

I loaded the dogs in their cages in the back of the car, and headed to the Car Wash. It was a three bay, but the first one was closed. The third was outside, beside the building. I remember it was a blue car the fellow was diligently washing there. During the process, he came over and told me that the foam brush was not working and he would pull aside to scrub his car so I could wash mine. Nice guy. I needed the brush, so told him to stay put and I would go over to the open bay. My turn. After pulling in and using the hose to do the initial wash, I turned the knob to Brush and commenced to scrub. As usual, I can't see the signs right away and motor on to destruction.

You must realize i have been battling perfectionism from the time of my early 20's as i began to acquire possessions. Never had this problem on the farm growing up as i think my scholastic standing at school was the focus. The problem again reared it's ugly head earlier that morning when in the process of strengthening a shelf holding old VCRs and such, i knocked a remote off and it struck the closet door. Oh no, a possible scratch. You know, we don't even know of some of the things we worship, but God is diligent in pointing them out. Let it go bob, let it go. And shortly thereafter, i trashed the dogs retractable leash. This should have been a clue to what was to follow later at the car wash, not.

You guessed it, this foam brush was not working either. It had the sounds, but no foam. Apparently someone with a very dirty vehicle had used it before me as lots of dirt emerged on my road master as I scrubbed the bugs on the front bumper. Oh well, guess i'll just carry on, lol. When God is working on our idol worship He tends to put the blinders on us so we can't see what we are doing to our treasured possessions until it's too late. You guessed it, Scratches on the car from the dirt and I mean a couple of douses. Light on. God was pointing out my secret idols I have been relying on for support. Basically, a false sense of security based on a foundation of sand. Very good. Now just accept and realize it had to happen, and was done in Love. Thanks for nothing, lol.

Have you ever been oppressed to the point where you find it hard to function. This fall(2017) has been one of those times for me. Here's a list of the tasks I was faced with. Replace the brakes in my car as it was approaching 340,000 kms, work(actually work?) for the election in my city, find parking for five cars as we were being booted out of our spaces for 9 days while refurbishing the floor membrane was accomplished, changing oil in the "Stang" before winter, painting the cabin(500 miles away), buying coverings and tarping our boat and "Christine"(500 miles away), getting a full checkup from my Doctor(500 miles away) and flying with my wife down east to visit my two sons, one of which was just hospitalized after his kidneys and liver shut down. Where is that rock I can go hide under.

Let's talk about the parking first. At the very last moment, we found out we could use two of our spots, but only for storage as access during the refurb was impossible. Okay, I need my car to get to the Doc and my wife needs her car to go to work. Two cars on the street in downtown Edmonton, aaargh. Yes, my Doctor's appointment had been made before this event was thrust upon us, two weeks notice. So the morning I head to Kamloops is the day the work is to commence, a Monday(2nd). I head out and my wife goes to work. The next day at the Doctor, I find out I need to fast for 10 hours for the blood tests. Okay, no problemo, head to the cabin for a day of painting as the weather is cooperating. The next morning, blood tests done and again head out, after a scrumptious meal at Burger King(whopper Wednesday), to the cabin with a load of my son's storage stuff from my old motorhome(another story). But wait, a text from my wife. You must return to the Hospital as your INR was corrupted. Funny, same blood sample worked for the other tests but, oh well. Luckily no fast required for that. Done and finally on my way. At the cabin(usually no cell reception for me) I get another text, yes you might have to go see the Doctor before you leave for Edmonton. No it's okay, he'll see you next month, whew.

During these three days, my wife was able to find a parking spot two blocks from our apartment and I would be picking her up at work on Thursday(5th), where she could leave her car. So we get to the place where she parked before and it's on a hill between two other cars as we arrive late. I drop my wife off at the pad so she won't have to walk in the dark(uneven sidewalks, you know) and head back to attempt to park my Prius. God is Good. By the way, hybrids are not good in these kind of circumstances(back and forth on a hill). After some fanatical inching closer to the curb from you know where, I get out(many times) and see the tire a hare's breath away and close enough so if the car rolls, it won't go into the street. I was better at this 40 years ago, lol. Okay, next morning, the car is still there, but the engine is taking it's sweet time to start. By the way, a low beam burnt out the night before while parking, which I had replaced last fall for the first time in six years. Oooo, I thought I would be good for another six, not so. Okay the engine finally bursts into life(hybrids work differently than standard cars as the engine only comes on when the large battery is low or heat is needed in the cabin on initial startup). Alrighty, I drive my wife to work and then head home, where I park in a familiar area(although quite far away) where I normally walk my dogs. Around one in the afternoon, I head out for lunch at IKEA and then to Canadian Tire to check on the bulb issue. Great, there will be warranty if I can find the receipt, ha ha. Miracle of miracles, I find it but it's too late in the day to go back. I drive over to my wife's work and pick her up while exchanging vehicles for the weekend as hers is better suited for two people and two dogs, and we call it a day, leaving her car farther away and in the dark, Selah. Heading up in the elevator we see a note giving us a reprieve as one level of parking has opened up and we can park the wife's car inside on Saturday night. That's great as it's the long weekend(Thanksgiving) and we won't have to cart a 15 pound turkey 4 blocks the Sunday(8th) morning to head over to my son's house. Thanks for that. Ah, Saturday(7th) and we can stop by CT and get my bulbs. Whaaaaah. I need to go get the other bulb as they came in a two pack. Okay, so later that afternoon I head over to the car(61 blocks away) and then again to CT(74 avenues away from our house). Isn't that special.

Okay, the long weekend is over and I can go and put the bulbs in the heap. After taking the wife to work and waiting in the parking lot for an hour or so to be light enough to work, I get the bulbs in after a brief tussle as it's pretty tight quarters there under the hood. I jump in the cab and hit the start button. Oh, did I mention before that the "Check Hybrid System" warning came on with the yellow triangle of death on my readout when I was getting her going Friday(6th) morning? Well guess what, our friends are back and that's all there is to that. No go. These babies had vanished after driving several trips before, so I kinda figured it might be the small battery, after all it was almost eight years old. Kinda a lucky coincidence that all this was happening at just this time and not in the middle of nowhere, eh? Who could plan these things. I went to Toyota and checked out a price($315) and they called it the starter battery, whew. Anyway, I went to PartSource and got one for $209, putting it in the next Saturday(14th). We waited as we didn't want to cause a kafuffle at work and it seemed the right thing to do. After installing it, the same warnings came on, but with some finagling, she started up. Took the beast home and parked her till Tuesday(17th), as I wanted to get the "Stang" washed up on Monday(16th) for winter sabbatical, and the weather turned out great that day. On Tuesday(17th), I drove my wife to work and came home, putting her car back in her spot as we were allowed to do so as of the preceding Tuesday(10th), but being cautious, I hadn't rearranged the cars till that Saturday(14th). That afternoon(17th), I headed for lunch with my car. She started right up, but it took several startups during the day before all the bells and whistles disappeared. Good as new at 345,000 kms. Thank You Lord!.

Once again it's time for a trip to my Home on the Island. Seeing the Wife off to work, I set off for Kamloops from our Edmonton Home with our two dogs, Emma and Elwood. It's before seven in the AM, so I should hit the Ol' hospital for my monthly blood test at around 15:00 local time. A good thing as I have rolled up before just as they were closing the gates at 5 PM. Not my greatest suit, being late and having to wait another day, lol. But wait, 50 K out of town, I remember I have left the keys to our apartment on Vancouver Island on the key rack in Edmonchuck. Hitting the off ramp for Hwy 43, I make a Uwe and head back to the shack, the gears in my mind calculating the cost of my Fu paw. Let's see, it's 7:30 so I figure I should be back on track by nineish, still time to hit the blood shack, maybe, and if nothing else goes aria.

Okay, should have known, just coming over the rise into good old Hinton(the home of the 2017 Dodge Grabber Yellow Shaker Bumblebee Express Challenger) and what do we see, yes sir rebob, the Pilot Truck for a Five Unit oil field express wide and high load pulls out to block our precious path. Seems they were waiting to see my sorry hide come into view. Riiiight. Okay, live and enjoy. Yes, it's a tortuous journey, as these oversize bunnies hog the whole road all the way to Hwy 40 North, weaving around Signal Lites, under raised power lines and U name it. Really it is quite a spectacle, not often to be seen, with the front two Units being pushed and pulled by two Tractors. Muzt have been half a dozen Pilot trucks to boot, one zooming ahead after every side road to block the next, plus a couple of County Mounties to add to the Circus. Amazing.

Finally, back on the road again, with even the possibility of hitting the finish line with a few minutes to spare. But what's this going through my mind? If I see an accident, guess i'll have to stop and help. Since I can't remember when this last happened, we should be okay. But what's this now, an older than dirt, magically painted Toyota truck that just passed me is now holding me back, aaargh. Riiight. No problem, we can still make it, and doing the speed limit. Okay, we're through the prettiest part of the trip, Jasper Park, and have crossed into BC. Aaaah, a hundred K and we're rolling. Oh oh, looks a bit icy out there, but not too. Maintaining the speed limit and taking it easy in the corners, with a little dance now and then, I see this snowmobile freak hauling two of the snow wizards, pull out to pass. Crazy. He makes it so I'm assuming this has emboldened the F 350 behind me to make a go for it. Just as he comes abreast, I see out of the corner of my eye, he is starting to fish tail so I apply the brakes to put him ahead of me. Alrighty then. I can only describe the next few seconds as a dance of possible catastrophe. He starts wildly swinging side to side followed by a complete sideways shudder right in front of me and i'm thinking(is it possible to think in slow motion), he's gonna stop right in front of me or worse, flip his whole rig whereupon i'ma gonna smack him good. But know, he scoots off the road to the right, seemingly straight off(an illusion as we are travelling at the same speed). Wow. I pull over, put on the four ways and walk back to the truck. Miracle of miracles, no one has a scratch. I flag down two trucks, you guessed it, the lead one is my friend in the Toyota. The rear one is a four door model and he so happens to have a flashing lite on the roof of it. These two young men get the man, lady and two doggies out, and we all take off. Amazing, eh? By the way, the truck did not go straight off as I observed, but from the tracks it was still moving forward at a fair speed but only sideways. Now BC is not like Alberta where you can go off the road to a big wide ditch, but it can be into a mountain or crevasse of unknown depth. We were lucky. Some small trees stopped them short. Again, it could have been a disaster. God is good. End of the story, pulled into the Petro Can on the Rez at 5:03. No problem, will wait till I return from the Island on the 16th. Darn, why didn't I have my dash mounted GoPro in place. Just took it out of mothballs and was going to get it working to capture, maybe Bigfoot, lol. Not to be says the Lord. Keep people's misfortune private I believe is the message. Bob over and out.

A note to my #3 son:

I've forgotten. Lol. No, here goes. When i flew in from Your place, i was going to stop at The Fishing Hole to get a license, but remembered i needed my Win card which was in the Stang with all my other toy permits(in the 2nd wallet you gave me). So guess i'll do that in the morning on the way to Tom's. So got off the plane from a memorable flight looking at all the neat clouds, etc, actually seeing at least 5 other planes fly by. Man they look fast when each plane is going almost 600 mph. Anyway, i get in the car and Mom tells me she has just lost the key to her car(only hours before) and that the sink has a leak under it. Swell. No biggy, she found the spare(i have one too in my car too with the remote buttons, like the one she lost). On the plane i was thinking i should take mom out for supper, which she agrees too, and trying to put the bad news aside, i head off to find the Moose Factory which seemed the best place, although never having being there but driving past it every day going to Ikea for my cheapy lunch. It's on Calgary Trail and we come in on Gateway which parallels it as they are both one way streets. So i turn too soon and miss it and have to double back and turn again hitting it spot on. Amazing how you can live in a town for 4 years and not know the relationships of points on a map. Anyway, we get in and sit down in the perfect spot and have a look at the menu. Now this place i would say is a notch above the Keg. The large Filet Mignon is 55 bucks. Ah, but the prime rib is 33, so i intend on ordering that with a lobster tail on the side, a measly 17 bucks or so, lol. Mom has the baby back ribs. So the waiter comes, a very nice "Off Shore" fellow, and what comes out of my mouth, Filet Mignon, lol. When it comes, here's this Hugh hunk of meat not looking like Prime, but what yah gunna do? Great meal, 2 desserts and a $136 bill, lol.

Okay, next morning, Tom says can't get the license at the Canadian Tire by his place, so decide to go to Cabela's by our old place in Windermere. It opens at 9 so i get there early to find they are having an Edmonton police exhibit in the parking lot. Shot some arrows, checked out the old Caprice Patrol Car, la de da, actually cool seeing how things have progressed, this one not even having a separated rear seat, ouch. Okay, at the counter finally, and wait another few minutes while the lady ignores me(unintentional, but i'm interested in seeing how long it takes for her to notice me). Ah, she's new so has to call over help(2 guys) and finally we get the deal done. That'll be $62 dollah. Say what? I show her my last years license for 28 dollah, but she just asks me to sign here. Ha ha, not this little black duck. Thinking the world has come to an end, me leaves and heads to Tom's, passing the Lady Policewoman who i have to tell "i've heard of inflation but this seems excessive", or something akin to that. Get to Tom's, who has been waiting since 9, our original departure time, and tell him the story, saying i'll get one at The Fishing Hole tomorrow as they probably know what they are doing. He says there is one by the Brick so we head over there. Opens at 10, so we wait. Same story inside, as the guy says you are not going to be happy, as the price is the same, $62. A small tete a tete about BC and Alberta, and i leave feeling like an immigrant in a foreign land. Off to the lake, i'll watch and drive.

Finally we are on the water(left out a few things as promised Tom not to tell anybody) and fishing. We are under attack by some small moth creatures, but they don't bite, just a nuisance. Tom catches a couple of Walleye, with a pike chasing the last one in. We moved a few times, but had trouble with the motor as it wouldn't idle and would conk out when put into gear. Hood up, checked a few things then it worked enough to get going, All the while, eyeing the storm clouds on the horizon trying to determine which way they were going. Our way. Probably stayed out a wee bit too long as it hit as we were about half a mile out. Gong show. Boats everywhere maneuvering to dock and load up. We smack into the dock while letting me off to get the rig, slightly injuring it, but no damage to the boat. Who's gunna know, oops. Getting wet but arrive at the truck to find i'm about 15 in line to get to the lake as they only have two places, side by side to load. Very interestink. And what a show. i text Mom that it's rush hour a LaGuardia. My turn, but wait, it's the 4 stooges. i could have docked the Queen Mary in less time than it took these clowns to retrieve their boat, lol. Finally they get it on(raining and some waves, but not bad) and drive ahead, but knoow, it has to come off again and back on. The gloves are off. With half the world watching, Tom and i load up in record time, bare foot and all. But wait, the storm is over and blue skies prevail, lol. Goota go, as supper awaits. Tom must have been out there over half an hour circling and trying to keep the boat running, but one of the most memorable times. Adversity will be remembered, not to forget the gong show.

Got the leak fixed, but still no key. And when i get home, Mom tells me that i probably qualify for the old guy free license as our principal residence is here and i spend most of my time here(Jan. 2018 - Not true. Checked it out with the PTB. Muzt be a resident. The final straw, lol). But, through all this, i think God is telling me it's time to stop fishing. Another fork in the road, Him or worldly pleasures. Won't miss it for a moment.

Love dad

This here is a Story about our changing times, all be it around the turn of the Century. Here goes. In 1985 I purchased a Suzuki 750 Intruder and re-entered the road riding life. For a day trip, sometimes I would ride my bike from Kamloops to the American Border at Nighthawk, Washington, cross over, ride along the Similkameen River to Orville, Washington, then North on 97 and re-enter Canada at Osoyoos, British Columbia. Did this for years uneventfully, getting to know one certain American Agent quite well. He also rode bikes and we would chat about them and afterward, wave me through. I remember taking my Wife one time in an old 1974 Dodge Dart(bought it for my son, but later changed it out for a Challenger) which had a starting problem. You guessed it, shutter down at the Border and couldn't get it started. Ran the battery down, but the Border Agent lent us a charger, amazing. As the years went by, I switched to cars as I hung up my riding spurs in 95", and purchased a 1994 yellow Mustang convertible. After I was searched at the Canadian Border in Osoyoos a couple of times, I stopped crossing and stayed on Hwy 3, bypassing the US of A. An era had closed. You should see the Crossing at Nighthawk now. The last time I used it was on a trip to Kansas, we'll say 2015. I was confused on which way to proceed. Had to go through an overhead which was partially closed behind me. Then was checked over by two different Officers independently. Wow. They had some Yellow upright bars first with a traffic light. Now you have to realize that we are in the middle of nowhere(20 miles to the nearest town) and the next one West is a few hundred miles away on the Lower Mainland. Needless to say, the Canadian side hasn't changed, oh, they have guns now. Back in the day, used to be a Lady, unarmed.

Sometime ago(late 2017), I went into a local Edmonton Gun Store(an American Franchize) to peruse their display of weaponry. Laying in a glass enclosure was a Smith & Wesson MP10, much like a Norinco M4 (which shoots 223 Remington ammo), but only 308 caliber. The Colt AR15 (which fires 5.56��45 NATO) is a similar type as well as the M16. Anywho's, I'm talking to the Guy behind the counter about this awesome weapon and ask him if it was Restricted. He says yes, then I ask him who would want this monster as it would kick up badly and be inaccurate used as a semi-auto, seeing it can only be fired at a recognized Gun Range. His answer, "When Martial Law is enforced, it could be used for self defense". Say what? I told him I though I was the only crazy who thought like that. Apparently there are a lot of people out there who are worried about a breakdown of Law and Order in our Country, Canada. Not to mention the 50 million Americans who would be headed North, armed to the teeth. Sheeeesh.

In order: AR15, M16, Norinco M4, MP10

In the Fog of Anger Good Morning. Let me quote a scripture before we begin, thanks.

Exodus 20:4-6 King James Version (KJV)

4 Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.

5 Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me;

6 And shewing mercy unto thousands of them that love me, and keep my commandments.

Here we see that the faults of the fathers are passed down the line to the children. Indeed, I have received such a gift from my father, the gift of an uncontrollable anger. At least, that was the way it was. Believe me, there are a lot of instances and actions I wish I could undo, but that is impossible. What is possible is to forgive and move on. This cloud that used to hang over my head was unknown to me before Christ and only removable in Christ. Along with the curse of a rejection complex, these two ganged up on me to create a monster when things weren't going as expected or a perceived loss was occurring. Broken doors, damaged vehicles, shattered relations were all a result of the unseen work of, I would say demonic forces, setting up the perp for self destructive behaviour. Aaaah, but God says in the Bible: "James 4:7 King James Version (KJV) 7 Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you." Yes there is hope as God gives us the Holy Spirit to enable us to resist, and the knowledge of when to do so. As a result of seeing my outbursts, my children have struggled with the same demons, but God will give the increase. Praise Him for His Mercy, Selah.

A parting thought:

The more you can take, the more that can happen. God is in control and will not let His children be overwhelmed, only in our minds. And we have a Mind that is being renewed.

Hang in there, He will win the battle, through you. And each time, you will get a little stronger. Eventually, You will know the Power of Glorious Victory. Resist, he will fleee. Selah!

Missing any Gauges on Your Dash? A Story Of Not Getting IT, but First a Scripture.

Daniel 4:17 King James Version (KJV)

17 This matter is by the decree of the watchers, and the demand by the word of the holy ones: to the intent that the living may know that the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will, and setteth up over it the basest of men.

Ever wondered why the People in charge do some pretty callous things, not really having the best interests of their subjects in mind? Well the fact being, God has placed these Persons in charge to divide The Kingdom of God from The Kingdom of Man. Several(many) years ago at a coffee break at the gaol, I was explaining the apparent inability of the Brass to see the common man's dilemma. They come out with directives, that if initiated would probably cause a riot. Here comes the ability of the low life unit guard to enact said policy with human feeling. Aka, "Charge people for standing in the doorway of another inmates cell". Good grief, a never ending power struggle would evolve. Better to put the perp on notice that his actions would probably initiate a cell search on my part, at his hurt, since no inmate wants to be responsible for getting others in trouble(would probably end with him getting smacked when my back was turned, or worse). Okay, why can't the higher ups see this. Well, they have the gauge of compassion missing on their dash, among others. And the higher up the ladder, the fewer the gauges(albeit, they have some gauges we peasants don't have), until U can invade a country and see the death of thousands without blinking an eye. It takes the hands(most nerves in the body) to implement the brain's commands. In short, the Boss has to many idiot lights on his dash board, lol. But God put them there to enforce the rule of law so His believers could live a quiet, peaceful life before leaving this temporary abode for our real HOME, Heaven. Thanks and God Bless. bob

PS Jail Guards are also on the ladder as we had to initiate events that an inmate would perceive as untenable, to keep general order. In other words, the rights of the individual must sometimes be trampled on for the sake of the common good. Selah!

Examples of Some Gauges: tenderness, goodness, love, forgiveness, ability to put yourself in another man's shoes, compassion, toughness, fortitude, envy, lust, patience, temperance, kindness, righteousness, fairness, guts, peacefulness, farsightedness, immediate action needed, wait and see, indifference, steadfastness, The Big Picture Glasses, decency, dignity, empathy,etc.

"The Free Dictionary"


adj. bas-er, bas-est

1. Having or showing a lack of decency; contemptible, mean-spirited, or selfish.

2. a. Being a metal that is of little value.

b. Containing such metals: base coins.

3. Archaic Of low birth, rank, or position.

4. Obsolete Short in stature.

n. Obsolete

A bass singer or voice.

[Middle English bas, low, from Old French, from Medieval Latin bassus.]

base'ly adv.

base'ness n.

Synonyms: base, low, abject, ignoble, mean, sordid

These adjectives mean lacking in dignity or falling short of the standards befitting humans. Base suggests a contemptible, mean-spirited, or selfish lack of human decency: "that liberal obedience, without which your army would be a base rabble" (Edmund Burke). Something low violates standards of morality, ethics, or propriety: low cunning; a low trick. Abject means degrading or miserable: abject failure; abject poverty. Ignoble means lacking noble qualities, such as elevated moral character: "For my part I think it a less evil that some criminals should escape than that the government should play an ignoble part" (Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.). Mean suggests pettiness, spite, or stinginess: "Never ascribe to an opponent motives meaner than your own" (J.M. Barrie). Sordid suggests foul, repulsive degradation: "It is through art ... that we can shield ourselves from the sordid perils of actual existence" (Oscar Wilde).

The Amber Light Confectionary and Elvis Rocks the Canyon

Have you had some special places that were sort of Twilight Experiences that spanned several decades then suddenly were no more. When this happens, a part of us dies, never to be replaced. Sort of a refuge for the mind, somewhere that remains the same over years as a "Mental Shrine". The Amber Light in Cawston, BC was a roadside stop for me on my many journeys to Osoyoos and often to the USA on my motorcycle, and in later years, my car. I always looked forward to grabbing a chocolate milk and little baggies of assorted candies, You never knew what you were going to get and often were surprised at the diversity. Will sadly miss it's passing around 2013.

Then again, there's the "Elvis Rocks the Canyon" restaurant just south of Boston Bar, BC in the Fraser Canyon. A weirder place you will not find, filled with Elvis memorabilia. Just happened to be passing through one time with my granddaughter and they were having an outdoor music revival. What are the odds? At that time the Owner was asked if he was moving his outfit closer to Hope and he said no. Sadly, he closed a few years later(2013?). Another hot spot gone forever. Didn't stop there much, but it was a cheerful thing to drive by and see the Man's resilience, as I'm sure he did it more out of love than for profit.

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